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Together with unforgettable parties


A rich purely Mediterranean gastronomy around the products of its fertile orchard, fish, seafood, rice and good road communication reinforce the attractions of Orihuela, which also has an important offer of restaurants where tourists can enjoy delicious dishes and recover forces for the multiple activities offered by the city.

The products of the land and sea simmered have been made art and culture in the kitchen of our grandmothers, becoming part of our more traditional cuisine, such as boiled with balls, rice of the three daggers, rice with vegetables , with rabbit, scab and a long etc. Sausages in the area are typical and the quality of the sausages must be highlighted. We can not forget that the local artisan pastry jealously guards in its cloistered convents a legacy of Arab origin, which will not leave the visitor indifferent: zamarras, flat, glory cakes, almojábanas, Santa Clara cake...

Planifica tu visita - ZeniaBoulevard


The month of July in Orihuela stands out for the celebration of the Fiestas de la Reconquista and of Moors and Christians, declared of National Tourist Interest in 2017, which year after year, around July 17, full of color, splendor and majesty streets of the city, without leaving anyone indifferent, with its ceremonial exaltation of the festival, its solemn parades, the gunpowder guerrilla or the scheduled events in relation to the glorious Enseña del Oriol.

The Festival of Moors and Christians is also celebrated with other acts, such as the floral offering, in which all the comparsists, dressed in their half-dress costume, offer flowers to the co-patrons of the city, the Santas Justa and Rufina; the children's parade, where the new generations are responsible for parading with the solemnity and majesty that age allows them; the great festive retreat, where humor, irony and costumes take to the streets in a multicolored parade up to the Entrada Mora and the Entrada Cristiana, which every year surprise the spectators, with their sublime staging, their lavish floats, their superb dances and their regal and applauded ranks.

In short, the Reconquista Oriolana is the celebration of an important milestone in the history of the city of Orihuela, but it is also a happy, fun and lively party, in which everyone who visits can enjoy the magnificent parades and enjoy afterwards of the orchestras and dances organized by the different cabilas and barracks. Relive history, know the legend and feel the party, only happens in Orihuela.

Planifica tu visita - ZeniaBoulevard

On the other hand, Holy Week in Orihuela is one of the most relevant religious-cultural manifestations in Spain. It was declared of International Tourist Interest in 2010, and has a series of peculiarities that make it unique in the world. An example of this are the traditions that today, for centuries, still endure.

It is, in short, the Holy Week of Orihuela, a unique experience. The visual experience of the brilliant colors of the Nazarene vestas, of the spectacular thrones or of the sunsets from the seminary; the aroma of incense, the experience of the sound of the "twin" trumpets during the day or the Song of the Passion at night. But also the experience of contemplating the extraordinary works of the great sculptor Francisco de Salzillo, among many others. His realism can only provoke those who contemplate that feeling of piety that surrounds everyone, their own and strangers. As it envelops, to anyone who contemplates it, the face of Our Father Jesus Nazareno, Patron of the city, which makes us discover, at the same time, in our interior, that Truth that the message of Jesus Christ entails.

Planifica tu visita - ZeniaBoulevard


Planifica tu visita - ZeniaBoulevard

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