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Zenia Boulevard sales.


Zenia Boulevard sales.

Our favorite moment has arrived!

Come and discover the best discounts in our more than 150 stores.

The time has come to buy that dress you've been looking at for two months, your favorite sneakers, that gift for that special person... 

Take advantage and enjoy the incredible discounts, it's your moment!

C&A: Up to 50% on selected items
Tutto Piccolo: Up to 50% off
Levis: Up to 50% off
Gerry Weber: 30% off
Koala Bay: Up to 50% off
Greenwich: Up to 70% off
Vans: 50% on the second unit
Desigual: Up to 50% off
Cortefiel: Up to 60% off 
Encuentro: Up to 50% off
Calzedonia: 30% off
Kiko: Up to 70% off
H&M: Up to 50%
Mayoral: Up to 50% off
Centros Ideal: Up to 70% on laser hair removal and aesthetics
Inside: Up to 75% off
Women Secret: Up to 70% off
Springfield: Up to 50% off
Best Brands: Up to 30% off
Low Cost: Up to 30% 
Pepe Jeans: Up to 50% off
Via Di Milano: Up to 50% off
Mr People: Up to 50% off
Salvador Artesano: Up to 50% off

In order for customers to visit and return, we constantly seek to surprise them and provide them with emotions.

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